Values for a cause

values for a better future


A better future through education

Children are the faces of the future, and their education is one of the most critical factors to help a community rise above poverty.

CSAG is committed to raise the level of education and literacy in rural communities in Ghana, and to help disadvantaged children realize their full potential. CSAG seek to ensure quality education for children in rural communities in order to create an equal opportunities for all children to participate in, and benefit from Ghana’s economic growth, and will contribute to Sustainable Development Goal worldwide.

Our combined initiative and support will make all the difference in the life and future of rural children for whom a quality education is the only ladder that could help them climb out of the vicious circle of poverty.


— Respect and dignity for all

CSAG aims to treats children with deep respect. We believe that such respect is transformational – both to practice and action. As such, we are;

Child-Centered. The change we seek is an internal one in which children deepens their understanding of themselves and their ability to act as change agents.

Community-Driven. Communities have choice and full ownership over all the work we do.

Accountable to Communities. We answer primarily to our program participants and regularly seek meaningful evidence about our work’s impact so that we can continually improve.

Inclusion of Marginalized Voices. We make a special effort to develop and include voices that are less developed or more difficult to hear especially of underprivileged children and the youth.

Teamwork: We strive to promote teamwork through open and effective communication and embracing cultural diversity.


— Sustainability

We work towards long-term solutions rather than quick fixes. Where we work: Child Survival Aid Ghana is currently working in North Tongu district in Volta Region of Ghana

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