Little Big Things

Most times we feel like giving but we do not know what to give, however, it is the little things that comes from our big hearts that really matters.


Last week I had an insightful experience when I boarded a bus from the market to my school, it was past school hours so there were school children in the bus too, on our way, there was a traffic jam that lasted for about 10 minutes and due to the hot weather everyone was sweating, however, a girl of about 10 or 12 years of age (there were no signs of adolescence yet) gave an elderly woman the conver of her book and in her words she said to the woman “Use this as a fan ma”

This little gesture of love and empathy struck a cord in my heart, the elderly woman prayed for her and even paid her fare.

From then on I realized in a practical way that nothing is too small to give as long as it comes from your heart and  solves a problem. 

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